United Kingdom –Not so hot study abroad destination now

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If you look back few years before if someone asks a young aspirant where he would like to study you would be able to definitely get answers “London, my dream country”, Britain the land of industrialization.

And why not!! More than 25% universities in the top hundred universities in the world sail from Britain. The Great Britain, which is famous for excellent education provided by top ranked universities around world, was the popular study abroad destination after USA. Courses lasting one year and a two years post graduate work permit (PGWP) attracted students to finish their studies in half the time compared to other countries around the world and also search for job within two years of span which is sufficient for most. Albeit excellent research facilities  are not as good as USA it surely boasted a strong economy and with millions of pounds spent in research by the combined universities students definitely wanted to grab seats to one of the renowned colleges. Added to that was the fact that this was the land of origin for language English and where else to learn and improve their English than England.
But from the year 2011 the Dark Age for British higher education system had begun. Visa has been restricted to 4 months for students from international countries and only if the student is able to earn a minimum salary of 20000Euros will he be able to allow working in Britain.

 Well 20000 Euros!!! No big deal. My friends after graduating is earning 40000USD minimum in USA, my friends in Germany and Canada earned this much amount during their internships and co-ops so it’s no big deal. But are you sure???? The data I have gathered reveals that even though UK boasts to have shortages in sectors of Engineering, Medical, Nurse, Pharmaceuticals, IT etc students from international countries are preferred the least. First preference  goes to the UK nationals who can stay work earn and keep a long term relationship with the companies and their country. Next the EU (European students) are given preference. Obviously because they don’t require a visa to work in UK according to the rules followed by European Union. If a company is not able to find students from these two human market then they go for international students. And mind you they do find students from these countries long since the birth of European crisis and less job generation. One of my friend with whom I had a chat in Facebook is currently doing Integrated Circuit design from Imperial College London(ICL) and it seems he will be returning back to India . And ICL is one of the top universities in the world.
And why less preference to foreign students by the companies????Are they not competitive enough or don't they have enough knowledge and skills. Not not that but because the company has to sponsor you and your visa for your stay in UK and it ll cost them hundreds of Euros. And why do you think they ll spend on you unless they don’t get someone from Europe or unless you really are extraordinary!!!!!!

This visa changes has cost European universities. There has been a 33% decline in applications from around the world. Thus most of the universities have started giving better scholarships or reduced their tuition. Not only that you can find top ranked universities like University of Manchester (world rank 33) coming for spot admission around the world!!!! And since the competition has reduced you can either make most of it or not at all. Do you think studying in UK is really a good choice currently? Leave Comments!!!!!!!!! 



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