Study in Europe for Free with Erasmus Mundus (for international Students)

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Erasmus Mundus is a scholarship provided by a group of European Universities which co-operates with each other and students have to spend their semesters in the universities participating in this program. I.e. you will be studying in more than one university and in more than a country.

The aim is to enhance the quality of European higher education and to promote dialogue and understanding between people and cultures through cooperation with third countries.

How about an Internship Abroad?

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You have just graduated or currently pursuing a course which required practical training? Then it might be just the right choice for you to apply for an internship/training in an industry. An internship whether paid or unpaid will equip students with practical experience in the working world and also helps students in deciding whether they want to really work in that profession or they should switch with some other job. Thus, an employer certainly looks out for any internship or practical training the student has undergone during his career and this part keeps you apart from other students who virtually did not had the taste of the job world and the commitments accompanying it.

Province In Canada With Relaxed PR Rules

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Students choose Canadian universities for its quality education, the environment, peace and some of the indirect factors which will help them in future. The factors which students give much more importance nowadays are permanent residence and job prospects in Canada.

In Canada each and every province has got its own government rules and even the PR rule and application process changes in each province.

Germany Demystified !

After our post on application procedure regarding German institution and the advantage of studying there, we received many e-mails from many prospective students around the globe regarding German education and related queries.

We thought that it will be better to compile the whole question answer elements into a post so that it will help students in understanding the German system better and help them with other matters like accommodation, language proficiency etc.

Countries famous and best for Higher Education in Certain Areas

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When going for higher education most of the students blindly go ahead with the country of their preference rather than analyzing where exactly the course which they want to pursue is thriving currently and has better job opportunities.

Whether it be mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering, or a non-engineering course in India students prefer USA more than any other country. But is USA really overall the best study abroad destination for all the courses and all the departments? To clear this notion this post will list some of the countries which are better than USA in some of the courses and departments for better research and job opportunities.

Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks/IT/Mathematics/Biology and Life Science/Chemical/Computer Engineering/Manufacturing/Web Technolgy


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Don't want to enter URL in your smartphone and face difficulty to follow us? We have come up with a simple android application using which you can follow us with just one click!!!!

Download the application from here.

Or try this android application which is a bit different and still at Beta from here

University Ranking- Does it really matter!

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In one of my previous blog post I had mentioned  several criteria students consider while opting for higher education

In that priority list we found that students consider the university ranking among one of the top five criteria while selecting the university. Even while reading many blog posts and inquiries you can find students who opt for programs which they are not completely interested but they had decided to go with it because the university providing it was a renowned and higher ranked university than the university which was providing a course in which the student had interest.

Study In Singapore With Subsidized Tuition Fees

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Many students want to work abroad and get some experience before leaving for their home country after completing their higher education.

In my opinion one should really try to stay back and gather some relevant work experience if they are getting a job offer abroad after finishing their studies since:-

Countries where you can Immigrate/Settle easily

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Nowadays people want to live with a better standard. Most students going for higher education tend to select the country and the university based on following criteria they carry. This is based on survey conducted by me on many students who want to study abroad. Even though this covers very less number of student’s view but generally I think we can agree with this priority list since even I kept my priority list almost same as this while choosing my education destination. The priority mentioned below is from highest to the lowest.

Scholarships for Indian Students for Studying in Ireland for FREE!!!!

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FREE!!! Yes . Currently government of Ireland scholarship for Indian students is aimed at students who are from Indian origin and want to pursue their masters (taught) course in Ireland.  

Profile Evaluation

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In this page you can submit your profile and I can tell you which universities you can apply for.
Please bear in mind that I have gathered a lot of data and the profile check will be done based
 on this data.Submit in the following fashion:-


Applying for (Bachelors or Masters)-
Your UG major (if applying for PG)-
Xth Score-
XIIth Score-
UG Score-
Major you are looking for-
Country/ies you are looking for-
GRE(if you have taken)-
Your Project/Achievements (only Academic)-

Application Procedure For Germany

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In this post I will tell you step by step how to choose a course and university and how to apply to that university.

Usually when applying to Germany there are two simple ways.
(i)Applying Directly to University
(ii)Applying via Uni-assist Service 

Application Procedure

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In this page I will be posting application Procedure for Different Universities. Stay tuned.

Is English enough for Career and while Studying Abroad in Alien Countries??

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English is the common tongue which is currently used by people from different communities, regions and cultures to interact. Advent of globalization has pushed countries to expand their territories beyond their headquarters and people on the other hand are ready to do almost anything to be competitive and take challenges for their career. English being spoken in most countries now has reduced the urge in people to learn extra languages and language is no more a barricade to interact in companies anywhere in the world. Then why learn an extra language when almost the whole world is following the common tongue and trying to learn it. In what way an extra language can boost career prospects?  

United Kingdom –Not so hot study abroad destination now

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If you look back few years before if someone asks a young aspirant where he would like to study you would be able to definitely get answers “London, my dream country”, Britain the land of industrialization.

Hong Kong-Bridging the gap between East and West

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When it comes to higher education , the first few countries and might be the last few countries which comes to mind is USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore……Hmmmmm that’s it. And we start exploring colleges in these countries. This is the mentality with most of the students and thus the competition is very high in these countries no matter whether the universities are popular or not. I.e. even the low ranked universities in these countries manage to find students. Have you ever thought about hong kong or any other countries apart from these famous SAD (study abroad destinations)?????