Is English enough for Career and while Studying Abroad in Alien Countries??

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English is the common tongue which is currently used by people from different communities, regions and cultures to interact. Advent of globalization has pushed countries to expand their territories beyond their headquarters and people on the other hand are ready to do almost anything to be competitive and take challenges for their career. English being spoken in most countries now has reduced the urge in people to learn extra languages and language is no more a barricade to interact in companies anywhere in the world. Then why learn an extra language when almost the whole world is following the common tongue and trying to learn it. In what way an extra language can boost career prospects?  

Yes, it will be quite prudent for me to say that business and meetings are held in English. But if someone knows an extra language one can communicate in a much more effective way and also it makes one culturally aware. Academically, an extra language expands your range of thinking and your cognitive development gets enhanced.

There are many other benefits of knowing an extra language. Let me give you a real life example. One of my friend learned French. He studied fashion design and he now has got a chance to visit Paris (which is like a world fashion capital) over another guy because of his edge over him in knowing French which will help him in interacting with local and business people there. Not only that, when some tourists from France came to Vandalur zoo, one of the tourist attractions in Chennai India, he was able to help and guide them which projected a better image of our country to them.

 Currently am learning German because am planning to pursue my masters during fall 2013 and it will help me in learning their culture and interact with locals which will help me in earning a part time job. But that’s one of the few reason to learn languages like German, Russian etc. Currently one third of the world’s technical journals are published in German and most of them are published without English translation. Even though you can translate it using GOOGLE (every smart guy will think that way) but you can’t delve deeper into the subject and really understand what the author meant to preach since the translation just converts based on words and not the inner meaning. And imagine few of my German colleagues cracking jokes and am not able to enjoy or get acquainted!!  

At present the European Union is one of the major group of countries in exports and business. An individual with good language skills is better able to take advantage of the freedom to work or study in another member state in Europe. Also to earn a citizenship or the so called Blue Card it’s mandatory to learn the language of the country you are residing at. With blue card you can enjoy the benefits a citizen of a country does.

In Information Technology sector, E-Business is getting popular immensely and you can have variety of opportunities via internet. But the expectation from customers from different lingual around the world is driving an importance to learn the customer’s language and maintain competence. Nowadays, learning foreign language is being included into employees training programs due to the proven fact that it increases productivity.

In the fields of history and literature, language is like religion. If you are studying history of a country then it’s obligatory to learn their language to be able to decipher the scriptures. Imagine travelling to Italy and visiting different churches and cities like Florence to learn about Botticelli, Leonardo DaVinci and not able to interact and read what the statues and scriptures has to convey!!! It also gives you the knowledge of other countries and shows aptitude and good learning qualities in you.

After you have learnt a language it will remain with you throughout your life – to be used in various activities in your business and career, for enjoyment and pleasure, opening up communication and an adventure somewhere in the world and will leave you with a better cultural understanding. So which language you are planning to start learning?

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  1. Well explained the importance of learning a foreign language