Scholarships for Indian Students for Studying in Ireland for FREE!!!!

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FREE!!! Yes . Currently government of Ireland scholarship for Indian students is aimed at students who are from Indian origin and want to pursue their masters (taught) course in Ireland.  

What does the scholarship cover?
- It ll waiver your tuition fee for an year. So you ll be pursuing your masters free of  cost. But that's just not it. You will be provided a stipend of 10000 Euros for the whole year (approx 7 Laks INR) to cover your stay and other expenses

Eligible students?
All students from Indian nationality and citizenship who have got a offer letter from an Ireland University which is providing the government of Ireland scholarships for Indian students. 

Participating Universities-
UCD (University College Dublin)
DCU (Dublin City University)
NUI Galway (National University of Ireland Galway)

Note 1:-
In NUI the scholarship is provided only for selected programs (Eg Software Engineering)

Number of Scholarships:-
There are two such scholarships in UCD, 3 in DCU and NUI

 Note 2:-

Participating Universities Changes every year and also the number if scholarships so check the university website before deciding.

UCD deadline ends by April 30 and DCU and NUI deadline ends by 17th May

Note 3:-
How much GPA/Percentage should I have to get this scholarship?? 
Well I had a GPA of 8 out of 10 but I could not get this scholarship so I would advise students to apply only if they have 8.5 GPA and also have research experience since they mention that as an added advantage. 

Don't miss this chance since you won't be spending virtually any money and also Ireland is famous for its education and also for its IT programs


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