Countries famous and best for Higher Education in Certain Areas

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When going for higher education most of the students blindly go ahead with the country of their preference rather than analyzing where exactly the course which they want to pursue is thriving currently and has better job opportunities.

Whether it be mechanical engineering, civil engineering or electrical engineering, or a non-engineering course in India students prefer USA more than any other country. But is USA really overall the best study abroad destination for all the courses and all the departments? To clear this notion this post will list some of the countries which are better than USA in some of the courses and departments for better research and job opportunities.

Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence/Neural Networks/IT/Mathematics/Biology and Life Science/Chemical/Computer Engineering/Manufacturing/Web Technolgy


Here undoubtedly USA is the best country you can look forward to and definitely any student thinking to pursue a career in these courses should go for USA. With all the software giant originating from US including Face book, Microsoft, Google, IBM, CSC etc and all the companies having their headquarters there , USA is no doubt the best for IT and Computer Science. And also the research conducted in biology and other chemical sectors in USA can’t be matched anywhere in the world.

Alternative to USA- 

Even though I will definitely recommend students to go to USA for the courses mentioned above but if you don’t want or in some cases can’t afford to go to USA then come countries you can consider are – Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland , China. For Chemical and Biology related studies you can also consider European countries like Netherlands and Switzerland. Students who are into manufacturing should consider Korean, China and Taiwan since these countries have lot of opportunities in Manufacturing Services.

Telecommunication/Nursing/Health Science/ Psychology/Pharmacy and pharmacology/law and legal studies/ tourism/ hospitality and event management/Hotel Management


Australia/New Zealand is the top contender along with Canada for these courses. Currently Australian government has invested half a billion dollars in telecommunication sector and is in a severe need of engineers in telecommunication. Also, students in health sciences and Nursing are the in demand in these countries due to their deteriorating population and need of proper health system.

Many alternatives are available to these countries. Sweden comes on top for telecommunication with lots of job openings and a healthy rise in this sector. For Nursing and hotel management students should definitely consider Singapore and few European countries like France/Italy

Mechanical/Automobile/Automotive/Automation/Electrical/Aerospace/Material Sciences/Mechtronics/Robotics


I don’t understand why students don’t consider Germany even after considering USA and other countries. Germany the land where the automobile was born is definitely on top for these courses. With all major companies in the above mentioned fields sailing from Germany including the likes of Bosch, Daimler, Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Ferrari, Volkswagen etc there are ample opportunities and internships available in Germany. And with almost nil tuition fee charged you can’t make a mistake with this one.


The best alternative for automotive and mechanical is probably Japan. And recently Japan was considered the best for “Robotics”. Even though Japan is currently in Crisis but still lots of opportunities available in the field of engines and motors with likes of Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and other companies. For automation you can also consider USA and Russia and definitely for space engineering Russia should be considered.    

Business and Management/Medicine and Surgery/Economics/Arts/animal care and veterinary science/food sciences/geology and geographical science/humanities/ music and performing arts


Probably no other country is as good as UK/Scotland when it comes to business and management courses. Don’t tell me Harvard and Stanford Business School and MIT Sloan are the best and that UK universities can’t match them. Even though it might be true to some extent the business and management taught in UK is considered world class and graduates gets employed all around the world. With likes of London Business School, Oxford and Cambridge students from all over the world go there for learning the ethics and managerial level foundations. Even with crisis and unemployment on brink the students completing the above courses gets employed. All the above courses mentioned are ranked high all over the world if pursued at a top university in UK.


You can always go to USA for business, can't you? But the best alternative to UK for management is the Asian countries including Singapore, Hong Kong which has top ranked business schools and also ample opportunities. For Medicine your alternative can be Ireland,Russia and even India is quite good. For other courses it is better to stick to UK

Civil Engineering/Accounting and Finance/Political Sciences/Construction


I think currently the best country to go for civil engineering is Hong Kong and Canada. Hong Kong is really into real estate now and many projects are currently underway and civil engineers are in great demand. One of the senior with whom I had contact had even insisted that all the civil engineers are getting hired and paid well.  Hong Kong Currently is becoming an important business and tourist spot and people from all over the world are trying to set up their headquarters there. So, there is no surprise on the amount of opportunities. Singapore is also expanding day by day and should be considered for accounting and finance courses.


The best alternative would be Australia and Canada which has lot of empty land and with population growth to be expected in these countries, the demand for civil engineers is expected to rise. For accounting and Finance students can consider Switzerland and this country has lot of opportunities in Finance and Accounting services.

"I have not covered all the courses I guess but all the above which I have posted is based on data collected from many sources and this post is mainly for students who generally think USA is the only place to go for higher education. According to recent posts in a popular websites "" many students don't give up the hope of going to USA even after many Visa rejections and end up wasting their time and money for nothing. And also few students are believed to have not secured a job after graduating in USA due to unemployment and lack of jobs in the field of mechanical and bio-chemical industries.I hope this post was useful to you and promote us by liking our facebook page, giving +1 in googleplus and following us at twitter. Comments are welcome!"


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