How about an Internship Abroad?

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You have just graduated or currently pursuing a course which required practical training? Then it might be just the right choice for you to apply for an internship/training in an industry. An internship whether paid or unpaid will equip students with practical experience in the working world and also helps students in deciding whether they want to really work in that profession or they should switch with some other job. Thus, an employer certainly looks out for any internship or practical training the student has undergone during his career and this part keeps you apart from other students who virtually did not had the taste of the job world and the commitments accompanying it.

How about an internship abroad? Not only does it sound good but it has many advantages. Students get experience working in an alien environment and also meet potential employers and can create links and contacts which will be useful throughout their life. You work in a team having members from different communities and countries and you learn to cope up and try finishing your work on schedule. With lots of facilities and research opportunities abroad you get a lot of hands on experience and maybe your employer might hire you for a full time work load if impressed.

Let’s get started then-

There are many types of internships:
·  *Paid Internship- You will be given a monthly stipend, an experience certificate and you won’t be charged anything
·  *Experience/Voluntary Internship- You won’t be charged anything but you won’t be getting any stipend. You will get an experience certificate
·   *Training Internship- You will be charged for the training and the certificate program.

Step 1:-
First you can apply for internship either on your own or through a professional company. Obviously if you apply through a professional company there are some advantages and disadvantages. These are:

·   *You just have to send your Resume and state your needs and this company will start processing
·  *Company will find a professional employer for you. In the sense “find” it means they will get       you an interview call and you just have to prepare and attend for the interview
·  *If you clear this interview and your employer is ready to hire you then you have to pay this company a visa fees and they will process your visa along with the employment letter provided by the company.
·   *Thus, your work is only to interact with this “company” and follow their simple instruction

·       *The disadvantage is, for performing all the above tasks for you, they will either charge you money or will take a commission of 10-15% of your internship income.

These companies are mostly company specific. For example if you want to apply for an internship in Germany the companies are - IAESTE(International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), AIESEC,  ELSA  etc.

For USA, CIEE is quite famous and you have to find a CIEE representative in your country and apply through them. For Australia "Australian Internship" is most preferred.

If you are applying on your own then the only way is to get to an employer’s company, checking out career sections and applying directly for any open positions in internship jobs along with your resume. Since the job is abroad you will have to attend either a telephonic interview or a Skype interview.
After your position is sanctioned in the internship then you will be given an employment letter with details about the internship

Step 2:
This step is common. If you have applied through a professional company then they will apply the visa for you. Else, you  have to apply for Visa on your own. The Visa process changes for each country so for now going to the steps only for European countries (Germany) is mentioned.

If you don’t require any visa then you can straightway start your internship abroad. For example , students living in European Union don’t have to apply for visa for any kinds of internships anywhere in the other European countries.

Bear in mind that the VISA processing takes place 6-12 weeks so apply as soon as you get the offer letter.

Documents Required-
·         Application form
·         Passport (min validity of 12 months)
·         2 photographs (35 mm X 45 mm)
·         Demand Draft for visa fees
·         Letter from the local employer (if working and Bonafide if student)
·         Letter from the host company
·         Mark sheets, if still studying
·         Health insurance coverage
·         Declaration of authenticity of documents submitted

Along with this you have to fill the application form for the internship. There are two kinds of application form for Germany. If your stay is less than 3 months then you have to use the following application form

If your internship is more than 3 months (>90 days) then you have to fill in the below application form

You will have to pay a VISA fees preferably through a Demand Draft which you can download here

Fill in the Health Insurance form which you can download here. It should cover your whole medical insurance cost of your  stay Germany.

An authenticity letter which states that the information provided by you is Genuine is to be filled.

All these documents has to be filled up and sent to German Embassy of your country. Bear in mind that these forms also changes from country to country and you have to download these forms from the German embassy’s site in your country.


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