Application Procedure For Germany

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In this post I will tell you step by step how to choose a course and university and how to apply to that university.

Usually when applying to Germany there are two simple ways.
(i)Applying Directly to University
(ii)Applying via Uni-assist Service 

When you are applying directly to the university usually you don’t have to spend any money in most cases and application is free of charge. But sometimes university may ask you to transfer some fee for processing applications of international students. For ex the masters “Research in Computer and Systems engineering” course taught at University of Ilmenau charges a fee of 25 Euro for processing your fee. But mostly the application remains free of charge. All you have to do is download the application form, fill it up and send it to university along with other application documents via post.

When you are applying via Uni-assist Service then there is an application processing fee charge. The first application fee for the first university you are applying is 68 Euros and for the subsequent university it is 15 Euros. So for example you are applying to three universities for winter semester 2013 then your application fee will be 68+15+15=98 Euros. But still it’s cheaper than Canadian or USA universities where if you apply to three universities you end up spending twice the fee as of Germany.

First Step: - Selecting Course and Selecting University

The following link gives you the possibility to select your course based on whether it is bachelors, masters or based on city of your choice or university of your choice or language in which it is taught (English or German). Just change your options in the left panel and you can check courses related to your field of interest. I wish other countries followed this procedure!!!

For example in the above link I have selected the Degree type as “Masters” , field of study as “Engineering” and Course language as “English”. Simple and the whole list of English Taught International Engineering Courses list appears. Now select the university and click on the course you are interested in.

After you click a series of tabs will appear "Overview", "Course Details" etc etc till "More"

Check application Deadline in Overview and if the deadline is at least a month after you are applying then only you should apply else rejection rate increases.

If you are not sure whether to apply or not, then in right hand panel they provide “E-mail” and “Course Website”. Click the E-mail and ask them whether they are still accepting and you can still apply the application or not. If yes then proceed.

Now click the Course Website and in the Website check the application procedure. If they have mentioned that you have to apply via uni-assist then you can close their website and proceed to uni-assist website which is

Here remember that before you start your application in Uni-assist you check all the course websites and the courses which have to be applied via uni-assist. If there is more than one course note them down.

Application Procedure for non uni-assist programs

If the program is non uni-assist then most probably the application can be sent via university's online portal. First check their online portal and apply for a program based on summer or winter semester. After you finish your application you have to take its printout and then send it to university postal address along with attested IELTS score, Statement of Purpose or letter of motivation, LOR (if asked), Passport Copy, Transcript of records, Degree Certificate, Birth Certificate,Resume, Xth and XIIth Mark sheet . All of these documents should be attested and transcript should be either original from university or attested by notary or university.
Here while filling the form if the city of birth is asked make sure you fill it as mentioned in your birth certificate/passport and not the current city you are living in.

If you want these documents to reach quickly, then courier via FedEx, Professional Courier etc else air mail is enough. Air mail costs very less and takes 2 weeks while courier via these agencies reach in 2-3 days but costs 1000 Rs or 18$.

note- its better to apply via fedex,bluedart,professional couriers since you can track it and its much more secure. Don't think about spending more money here.

If you are having any problem to apply to any university which is a non uni-assist program then mail or comment below. I will try to help you guys.

Application Procedure for Uni-assist Programs

For programs which have mentioned that it has to be applied via uni-assist then go to this website

i) Here click on first degree for “bachelors” and Masters Degree for masters program.
ii) Next click on the online account and on the right side click on the “Direct link to the uni-assist online application system”.
iii) Here in the left click register and enter all your details and get username and password.
iv) Now login to your account
v) Click on the “application” on the left panel
vi) Select the semester as winter or summer, qualification as master/bachelor
vii)If you have specific universities in mind selects it or leave this blank. But it’s better to select the university so that you can easily select the course. Here some university’s name might not in English and you have to select their German name. For example Cologne is Koln etc.
viii) Select the academic field you are interested in. Like Engineering, Architecture etc.
ix) Click start Search. Your program name will appear and you click it.
x) Now step by step complete the application and whatever is asked just fill it. If you are having any doubt in filling please comment and I will help.
xi) Finally save application as pdf and your application is complete

Now applying to a different university click start a new application in the “application tab and follow the above steps.

After this go to “DOWNLOAD” tab and download the Application Form for Admission to Studies for Foreign Applicants and Form Payment by Credit Card PDF documents.
Here is you are applying to three universities you have to take three printouts of the Application form for admission to studies for foreign applicants.
Now fill the form and also the credit card form. Here no need to worry about money theft or credit card misuse.
Next send the application forms (here one application form you would have directly downloaded, printed out and filled  and one application form you would save in your computer after filling the online form in “application” tab) along with documents asked . The documents are mostly the same as the documents I had mentioned above which is IELTS score, Statement of Purpose or letter of motivation, LOR (if asked), Passport Copy, Transcript of records, Degree Certificate, Birth Certificate ,Resume, Xth and XIIth  mark sheet . No need to send IELTS score from the test center since uni-assist can verify your score directly. So attested copy is enough. Now you have to send these documents via post/courier to uni-assist address at Helmholtzstr.2-9,D-10587 Berlin Germany. That’s it. Wait for their reply.

After they have processed your application they will forward it to the university and if anything is wrong or missing they will contact you. If they receiver documents after deadline they wont be forwarding it to the university and if some documents are missing and you courier it to them and they receive it after deadline then again they wont forward it. So its better to apply before 2-3 months before deadline.

If you have any further queries post or comment below and I’ll try to help.


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