Shopping Do's and Don'ts

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What to Buy and What to Not!

When you are about to start your journey studying abroad , you have to buy a lot of stuff before coming to Germany. So we start preparing list with the help of some people and also with the help of already experienced persons we have a huge list and we buy all kinds of stuff only to get disappointed after coming here in Germany.

My education in germany – Masters in automotive software engineering part 2

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In the first part of this topic I had briefly explained about how to select the subjects and how to use the time table and decide which subjects to take and attend. Also, I explained how each subject is given as a Lecture and a Exercise session which covers 1.5 hours each. If you want to get this info then please check out the part 1 of this article at

In this part I will explain about the next part of a student’s life – The examination period in Chemnitz.