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Studying abroad is something that most of us aspire to do. As students, we wish that somehow the opportunity to go abroad is bestowed upon us. But because of the budget constraints we keep that dream aside and look for options in our own country.

Now, you really don’t need to put aside your dream. Yes US, UK, Australia etc. are still a little far fetching, but countries like Canada might suit you perfectly. Here is why.

Study in Australia FAQ’s

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Australia is currently ranked as 3rd most popular student destination in the English speaking-world next only on the United States and the United Kingdom. With roughly 22,000 courses in over 1, 100 academic institutions, Australia ranks 8th in the world in terms of university system rankings. Every year, the Australian Government invests over $200,000,000 on international scholarship programs. Today, the country is home to 34,800 international students from over 140 countries across the globe. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about earning an education in this dynamic country.

How to make admission essay for studying abroad?

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Education sector is built upon different writing assignments. While students plan to study abroad essay is one of the major components of their application process. Sometimes essay becomes the most important part of the whole application irrespective of the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL scores. An admission essay can make or break one’s admission prospects. There have been instances of exceptionally talented students getting rejected from prestigious institutions just because they did not work hard on their essay. There have also been students who got into good colleges merely on the basis of a good admission essay. It is likely that the-otherwise intelligent students did not realize that the most important part of their college application is their admission essay.

Journey towards a master’s degree- starting from the time you have decided till you have reached your dream city

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Studying abroad is never easy. But the most difficult part is making up your mind and just going for it. The process from the moment you decide and the moment when you land in a foreign city is the most difficult phase of your life and the immense satisfaction it when all your hard work pays of is truly enormous. I still remember when I was in college and there were campus interviews going on (during the end of my 7th semester), I was in a dilemma whether to go for a job or for a master’s degree. Each had its pros and cons and for many students it’s also a war between your inner feelings and requirements and your family. Well they have to invest on you and if like me you are from a middle class family from India then even 10000 Euros is worth a lot of fortune and most of the students have to go for loan after mortgaging their property or jewelries or whatever their family can afford.

Why studying abroad in germany has been the best ever thing that happened to me

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I have completed 1 year now (kinda like my first anniversary living abroad) outside India. The journey embarked on 2 October 2013 has now been going strong full of fun and enthusiasm and there is no stopping it. And without any doubt this has been one of the best experiences and decisions i have ever took in my life. Looking back at the past one year and the experiences and things i have learned , i realized that i should definitely write a post about why studying abroad has made me what i am today. A completely changed man !!

What Germany and Germans(G&G) can learn from India and Indians(I&I) and maybe from Others

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This post might sting some of my fellow Germans but its just written to give a reality check and also to prove nothing is perfect. In one of my previous post I just covered some of the things Indians and India (I&I) should learn from Germans and Gemany(G&G). 


It was just the part 1 of the article which means I would follow that article up with  another article which highlights some of the other points missed by me, which we should learn from G&G. Some people mailed me that the article was a bit harsh and that I was actually ridiculing the Indians, but believe me I had no such intentions and all I want is that things should change in India and in us and we should try to learn positive things from others. But surprisingly most people told me that , I was absolutely right and that they could relate to whatever I was saying , and they felt that India has to change and so does Indians. But How?

my friends in the apartment (4 Germans)

3 Beneficial Tips for Preparing Overseas Studies

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At any given time there are people living overseas for academic reasons. It is advisable to be properly prepared for your new environment to help make your transition less stressful and allow you adapt more easily to your new lifestyle.Studying abroad poses many questions that can cause stress and anxiety. Here are the 3 beneficial tips for preparing overseas studies:

An MS in Economics from Australia Promises a Bright Career Option

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An MS in Economics from Australia Promises a Bright Career Option

A Degree in Economics from an Australian University is highly regarded and recognised worldwide. The following post gives an overview of the same.

Acquiring subject based advanced knowledge from the top foreign universities, is like a dream come true for many ambitious students.  To gain the desired knowledge and be a Master, students from more than two hundred countries has chosen Australia. Studying in Australia is a unique experience as the country boasts of some of the best universities and colleges that shape the future of students.

Coming to chemnitz? : This is how you should expect your life to be ! - Part 1

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I have lived in Chemnitz for around 10 months (oct 13 to aug 14). I have traveled to most of the places in and around Chemnitz (quite a small city actually) and I have lived both in dorm and also in WG (you know a bunch of people living together) with 4 Germans. In this article I would like to share some stuff regarding the life in Chemnitz and what you can expect and what your expectations should be before coming here. This article is focused on everyone and not just on people coming from India.

What India and Indians(I&I) can Learn from Germany and Germans(G&G)- Part 1

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I first kept my foot in German soil during October 2013, feeling quite happy and keeping a open mind, thinking that I would embrace the culture and also teach them something if i have something positive to offer. During the first few days of my stay i came to know so much about the Germans and Germany(G&G in short). Their sense of discipline, their time management skills, their ability to be honest beyond ordinary ( well most of them are and you can't expect everyone to be). I thought everything was perfect about them , and i sometimes felt bad that why Indians can't be like them. But then i made so many German friends and then slowly and steadily I had a closer look at their life and insight and then i also realized the so many short comings of Germans and their attitude.

The Lag In Articles and Quick Followups

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Its been a gap of 3 months since my last blog post and even though I had given up actually on the blog thinking that nobody actually uses it , I reliazed how popular my articles have become suddenly thanks to so many followers and students who are specifically going for higher education in germany.

I got request to follow up my experience in germany and particularly education in germany and chemnitz and since the response was huge , I am getting back to kick starting my blog agina with set of various new articles (you might find some of them pretty interesting):

 So here I unveil the plans for the next blog articles along with the dates to be released and also from now on I will try to keep it updated as much as I can ( I think I have said this before but this time I truly have lot of time to follow up with my experiences and so hopefully I will follow the schedule):

A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining MBA Degree in USA

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Globalization is a hard fact that is driving the corporates in the 21st century and in such scenario if you have a degree from abroad then a lot of positivity is added to your educational background as well as employment prospects.

There are many countries that are fast becoming hot education destinations for students but one country has gained popularity in the recent times is, USA. For graduates there are plenty of options to go for when it comes to choosing the stream of study, but the best deal will be to go for post grad degree in business or management studies or an MBA.
Let us have an inside perspective on this: