Germany Demystified !

After our post on application procedure regarding German institution and the advantage of studying there, we received many e-mails from many prospective students around the globe regarding German education and related queries.

We thought that it will be better to compile the whole question answer elements into a post so that it will help students in understanding the German system better and help them with other matters like accommodation, language proficiency etc.

*Why I should go to Germany when USA is currently known for its education and everyone is going to USA – (Arshad Reddy, India)

That’s the point precisely isn't it? “Everyone is going to USA”. Currently competition and unemployment in US job market is pretty high since most of the students choose USA for higher education. And tuition fees in USA are around 40000USD to 80000USD for the entire course. In Germany you’ll get first-class education (German universities are among the highest ranking in the world – right below a few of the American Ivy League and prestigious British universities) and a formal degree to show for it, that is recognized all over the world and that too free of charge in most of the universities. But don't look at it as USA vs Germany kind of thing.

*Is there any course related to Engineering which is taught free of charge and also in English Language? (S.Manav, India)

Yes, many course in Germany are taught entirely in English and you can search for the courses in the DAAD website
Just go to the above link and select the language as English and course field as Engineering

*Is there are any university in Germany where IELTS is not required and we can apply using our English grades in school/college/university? (Akansha Jha,India)

No, it is mandatory to apply with your IELTS/TOFEL score to German universities. Even if the university is ready to accept your English marks in college/university/school during visa you have to submit one of these scores else getting a visa is almost impossible

*What is the age limit to apply for masters/PhD courses in Germany if any? (Ann Perner, Austria)

 No fortunately there are no age limits

*What is the best university for biology or medical science? I mean in terms of job and career?(Donna, Arizona)

Well we actually can’t comment on how a university will actually lead you to a job since it completely depend on you but you can check the rankings of university published by Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) each year according to different subjects. These rankings will give you an idea about top universities in Germany according to subjects of your choice.

*I tried to apply for scholarships through my university (Berlin institute of technology) but I was denied due to heavy competition. Is there any other way I can apply for other scholarships? (Matthew, India)

Yes, you can definitely try German Research Foundation website which provides scholarship info mostly for PhD students.
Or you can try for German Academic Exchange Service website (DAAD) for any other scholarship info. Just choose your country and field of study and all scholarships will be listed

*How much monthly expense do we need for Germany?(Baker, California)

It depends on the province and whether you are living in city or town since your rent varies considerably. Considering cities like Munich, Berlin, Cologne etc you will need around 700-750 Euros while if you go to cities like Chemnitz, Karlsruhe etc you will need around 600-650 Euros.

*Is tuition fee not charged in all the universities in Germany? I found few universities charging around 5000 Euros.(Russell, Kenya)

Yes you are right. Only two out of the 16 federal states (Bavaria and Lower Saxony) allow their higher education institutions to charge tuition fees – and even when they do, they are fairly low (up to €500 per semester) relative to what they are in other western industrialized countries.But few universities charge more than that including Berlin Institute of technology, RWTH Aachen, Jacobs University etc

*Do I have to pay tax if I am studying and working Germany in part time? (Steven, Wollongong (New Zealand))

If you are earning more than 450 Euros and are staying for more than 6 months in Germany then you might have to pay taxes. But don’t worry you can apply for a tax refund if your annual salary is less than 8130 Euros and you will get all your money back.

*How much Important is German Language proficiency? I heard that if we apply for Visa without showing German language proof even if we have got offer for a course which is taught entirely in English then the visa won’t be approved!

That’s ridiculous! If your course is taught entirely in English then it’s enough to apply for visa with English language proficiency proof. Your visa won’t be cancelled. And even if your language of instruction is English then also it is better to know basic German since for part time jobs it’s a must outside of your college and if you want to work in Germany after finishing your education then you should know German. My recommendation is to go for Learning German language course by Michel Thomas.

* What is the difference between a university and a university of applied science? Which one should I prefer? ( Krazov, Russia)

Well for starters university of applied science is mainly for practical approach to studies while university has more theory and is good for academics. You should not choose based on whether university is better or university of applied science but based on whether

*The course of your preference is available and has good course modules

*Whether you want to enter job market or go for masters/PhD

If your course is mathematics, engineering which definitely required a practical approach then university of applied science is better. Else go for universities. And most of the University of Applied Science doesn't have PhD programs.

* Can I use my driving license which I used in China in Germany?
(Yang Lee, China)

Yes, you can but only for six months. After that you have to apply for a German driving License.

*Is it necessary if I have an account in German bank? (Ana Je, Austria)

Yes it is better since you will be asked to transfer money via your German bank account for paying any kind of fees, insurance or rent. I will definitely recommend students for opening an account.

*I tried finding accommodation in cologne but I could not and even the university flats are completely filled up. Can you help me? (Justin, Australia)

Actually while browsing, I stumbled upon a website which is quite good and you can find the accommodation very easily through that.

Just select your city and whether you want a shared flat, an apartment or an studio apartment and it will present a list along with the monthly rent. Cool!!
" If you have any more doubts I request you to post it on my blog instead of mailing your queries since it will be useful to other students as well " 


  1. What is the minimum CGPA (out of 10) is required for an Indian E.C.E student to get admitted to 'Technical University of Munich' in Masters of communication engineering (MSCE)

  2. You can crack TUM with a GPA of 8 to 8.5 but provided your profile is good in other contexts as well. They don't just look into the GPA. They consider GRE, GATE, SOPs,LORs, work experience as well . Since TUM is a top tier university (ivy league along with KIT,RWTH,esslingen) etc its not that easy to get a admit.