France finally changes visa policy for Indian students

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In one of my previous post I had explained how visa extension rule has become such important while short listing countries for higher studies and the amount of importance students gives to work permit and visa extension to search for a job.

The reason countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are enjoying immense success in terms of higher education and the reason why UK has fallen as the top choice for higher education for students in India is because of the work visa which in the former countries is given for 2 years or more to search for job while in the later it was reduced to 4 months.

Analyzing all these phenomenons circling around the visa and work permit, the French government finally has decided to give a stiff competition to other European countries by introducing a 5 year visa policy. 

In order to facilitate travel to France for all Indian citizens who have studied in France, French President Francois Hollande has introduced a policy by which as of July 14, all Indian citizens who have graduated from a French higher education institution subsequently applying for a tourist or business visa for a trip to France, will be given a visa with a long period of validity - up to five years if the studies in France were at the Master or PhD levels.

The new visa measures have been taken at the Embassy level and are applicable to only Indian students. Last year, almost 2,600 Indian students opted for higher education in France, a jump of 50 per cent over the past five years. And it’s a known fact that after China, India is the largest exporter of Human resources in the higher education sector. Good move I must say by French government after learning from UK how much a difference a Visa policy can make!!!

Not only that the French embassy in India has simplified visa procedure for Indian Students wishing to study in France. In parallel, visa applications by Indian faculties and officials will be examined as a matter of priority. France has also decided to considerably ease conditions for obtaining a work visa after studies completed in France, allowing a large number of students graduating from French business and engineering schools to stay on for work experience in France. The creation of a "France-India" network is underway which will increase the number of scholarships offered by the French Embassy and its corporate partners.

Currently around 700 courses in France is taught in English reducing the language barrier which was the reason for reduced number of international students from other English speaking countries like India. There is also the notion that French government higher education consultants will establish partnerships with various Indian higher education institutions in order to accelerate the procedures for exchanges with French institutions and for their alumni.

The French Embassy is currently organizing a "France- India job opportunities" network that will bring together the HR heads of the major French companies in India and major Indian companies working in partnership with French companies, as well as international relations heads of the French and Indian higher education institutions.

The benefits thus Indian students will enjoy in France from the year 2014 includes-
  • 5 year visa after Masters and PhD
  • Easy visa process thus no delay and lesser chances of visa cancellation
  • More number of scholarship
  • Work placement for students graduating from french institutions in french companies
  • More number of English taught courses to be introduced
  • Job placement back in India as well.    
I think the French government has made a clever mood and next year am quite sure I will be blogging about the surge in number of Indian students in France. Bad luck for other fellow students from other countries though! Do you think this rules should be opened up for students from other countries as well? Comment!


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