Student Review studying Computer Engineering at Concordia Universtiy

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Vignesh is studying his masters in Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He started his masters in 2013 and is going to finish it this year. He already got a job as a full time employee at a reputed company in York and is already looking forward to pay back his education loan in the next two years.

This blog post is  just an interview where I discuss with him the basic questions every student has before embarking on his/her masters in Canada. I have split this video into 4 parts.

Internship/Thesis - University or Company

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I started my masters in October 2013 and it is about time that I am done with it. It's been a long yet wonderful journey and definitely has changed me as a person for a greater good. I have become more confident, self reliant and most importantly I have learned a lot of tech stuff in these two years. Definitely more than what i had learned in my bachelors in India and believe me I had spent 4 years trying to understand what I really want to do in life (even though I still am not sure about the answer for this question :P ). But the most important part in my life during these two years was getting accepted for an internship and thesis in a German Multinational Company.

Study abroad- Top 5 thing to focus on before you apply

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If you dream to have a well rounded- life and a commendable career track, then studying abroad should be a part and parcel of your life goals. Living abroad will expand your life experience in such a way that you will be definitely enriched by it.
It is not just about studying but also about understanding how to live in a totally different cultural ecosystem. There are many skills which you pick up along the way. But before you apply for studying abroad, do ensure that you have done your research thoroughly so that you can be assured that you have made the right choice with respect to your choice of educational institution and the country, where you intend to reside.

Know what you want and apply