An MS in Economics from Australia Promises a Bright Career Option

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An MS in Economics from Australia Promises a Bright Career Option

A Degree in Economics from an Australian University is highly regarded and recognised worldwide. The following post gives an overview of the same.

Acquiring subject based advanced knowledge from the top foreign universities, is like a dream come true for many ambitious students.  To gain the desired knowledge and be a Master, students from more than two hundred countries has chosen Australia. Studying in Australia is a unique experience as the country boasts of some of the best universities and colleges that shape the future of students.

While MBA in Australia is one of the most coveted courses, a degree in Economics from Australian Universities are not only highly regarded but recognised worldwide.

About MS in Economics in Australia
A Masters’ in Economics can usher to a profitable career. Many top universities of Australia provides a Master of Economics program for potential graduates to secure a job in the leading banks of Australia and abroad. So, opting for MS in Economics in Australia is a sensible decision if one has high interest in the subject. Post Graduate programs in Economics provide scope for financial analysis, Environmental Engineering Management, Economic Geology and Medical Statistics. Master in Economics is generally a one year degree program which consists of 8 courses (4 core courses and 4 elective courses). The four core modules of a Post-Graduate in Economics program includes
  • Macroeconomic Analysis
  • Microeconomic Analysis
  • Mathematical Economics 
  • Econometric Analysis
The universities of Australia also provides a wide range of elective subjects to choose from which includes Applied Econometrics, Strategic Market Behavior and Government Regulation, Choice Modeling, International Trade and many more.

International Students’ Applications
Students enrolling for Master in Economics are both from Australia itself and abroad. International students applying for such master degree programs come from all across the globe.
An Indian student applying for a Master degree in Australia must have a three year full time bachelor degree in Economics. Application forms can be downloaded online and submitted online as well. Sometimes consultancies also help students in cracking into their desired institution.
Top Universities
Infinite opportunities are provided by the top universities of Australia to the students from more than hundred countries aspiring to secure a degree in Economics. Some of the top universities in Australia where one can pursue an MS in Economics are explained below:
University of Queensland, Brisbane
The University of Queensland is a public university located at Brisbane, Australia. It is also known as UQ. UQ is famous for its Master degree program in Economics. The course available here provides knowledge in main economic principles and the electives offered gives knowledge about specific areas like environmental economics, health economics, economic development, natural resource economics, public sector management and lot more. The Master degree program in Economics is a two year full-time course and the cost of the course is AUD$ 26400.
New South Wales University
University of New South Wales is mainly a research focused university in New South Wales, Australia. This is a popular university for their success in the fields of Computer Science, Math, Engineering, Economics and Psychology courses. The Master in Financial Economics is a unique program offered by them which helps the students to carry on research in the fields of economics, mathematics and finance. The UNSW also allows applied learning both inside and outside the campus which helps the students to critically analyze the modern techniques, practices and theories of the chosen subject.  The University allows both full-time and part-time internal programs and a minimum score of 600 in GMAT is required to get admitted in UNSW.
Monash University, Melbourne
The Monash University is Australia’s top university which provides world class teaching, research and scholarships. The Monash University offers a wide range of courses to study from. The Department of Economics of the Monash University stands out in performance and the academics publish the best quality journals. The department is also awarded a five star ranking in by the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA).

Australian National University, Canberra
This is a research college and public teaching university located in Canberra, Australia. A wide range of programs are offered by the University and it has seven colleges under it The Masters’ in Economics curriculum was started 30 years back and was the universities first bench work master program. This course includes one core subject and has a wide list of 30 other elective subjects to choose from and the indicative course fee is AU$31,593.00.
Apart from the above-mentioned institutes, international students can chose from a wide variety such as University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, University of Western Australia and many others. So, if you are planning to pursue your higher studies in Economics from a foreign country, this time shift focus to Australia!

Author Bio: Sampurna Majumder is a professional writer and a passionate blogger. Currently she is writing content for several websites such as Shiksha.Com that cover latest trends related to education in India and abroad such as these. The above post provides an insight into best Australian universities where one can pursue an MS in Economics.


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