The Lag In Articles and Quick Followups

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Its been a gap of 3 months since my last blog post and even though I had given up actually on the blog thinking that nobody actually uses it , I reliazed how popular my articles have become suddenly thanks to so many followers and students who are specifically going for higher education in germany.

I got request to follow up my experience in germany and particularly education in germany and chemnitz and since the response was huge , I am getting back to kick starting my blog agina with set of various new articles (you might find some of them pretty interesting):

 So here I unveil the plans for the next blog articles along with the dates to be released and also from now on I will try to keep it updated as much as I can ( I think I have said this before but this time I truly have lot of time to follow up with my experiences and so hopefully I will follow the schedule):

1) Positives to be taken from Germany and Germans- Part 1 (11th september )
2) Coming to Chemnitz? Expect Life to be this way !! (12th Sep September)
3)3 Beneficial Tips for Preparing Overseas Studies - Guest Post by Richard (14th september)
4) Negatives of Germans and Germany- What they can learn from Indians! - Part 1 (17th September)
5) My Education Experience in Chemnitz University of Technology - Part 2 (20th September)
6) Living in Chemnitz- Possible Fun things to do (25th September)
7) Video Post- WG VS DORMS (30th September)

This is the Schedule for this month and hopefully people find the experience interesting and intriguing. The first article will be published tomorrow . Get Set GO !!!

PS- If I receive more guest posts then I will try to post them as well in between.


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