A Comprehensive Guide to Obtaining MBA Degree in USA

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Globalization is a hard fact that is driving the corporates in the 21st century and in such scenario if you have a degree from abroad then a lot of positivity is added to your educational background as well as employment prospects.

There are many countries that are fast becoming hot education destinations for students but one country has gained popularity in the recent times is, USA. For graduates there are plenty of options to go for when it comes to choosing the stream of study, but the best deal will be to go for post grad degree in business or management studies or an MBA.
Let us have an inside perspective on this:

Getting Admissions

For students based out in Asian countries, for instance; getting admissions in MBA program in the USA is a matter of getting a scholarship at graduation level. However, there are other ways to mark an entry here.
Your high school GPA or marks will definitely be considered in order to gauge the capabilities required to take up a higher degree. The colleges also see whether you have participated in extra-curricular activities and if you have then make sure it is reflected on your grade sheet as this leaves a great impression on the admissions authority.
Further, there are colleges who select students on the basis of their SAT score, make sure you are updated on the cut-off marks and the colleges you may secure on the basis of this.

Education System in USA
There are several reasons that back the decision of studying abroad; foremost being, a desire to have utmost exposure that is followed by a bright professional prospect. The USA has secured an enviable position when it comes to offering better education system to students.
The college level education in America is known to offer a variety of options to go for. However, this is not only the deciding criteria; factors like campus environment, majors offered and location are also some of the deciding criteria.
Let us explore the factor for your deep insight:

Understanding Higher Education in the States
The education system in USA is characterized by accessibility, diversity, and autonomy and is known for both its size and quality. So, if you are planning to obtain a degree in an unconventional stream then America is the place to be. The degrees that you can obtain at college level have been divided into three sections; Associate level degree, Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, finally completed through a Research Doctorate program.
The Associate level degree will enable following situation:
·         Fulfillment of the 2 years requirement for the next level, which is Graduate level
·         The credit for the former is usually transferable to Bachelor’s degree; especially where transfer agreements have been made amongst universities.
·         Any stream you choose to pursue through associate degree will not be fully completed and you will have to go for a ‘Graduate Degree’ later to complete the curriculum.
The Master’s degree in management programs will have following in store for you:
Represents the second stage of the higher education curriculum and the first advanced (Graduate) degree
·         The Master’s degrees that is research based generally require completion of a series of advanced course and seminar requirements.
·         There are comprehensive examinations and an independent thesis that you need to address
Now that you have understood the degrees that you may go for; let us explore aspects like list of colleges, recruitment and fee.

Colleges You May Choose From
There are a slew of colleges in the USA that have MBA course structure designed to satiate the higher degrees’ requirement you might have. The universities are either public or private and the fee structure is accordingly.
Public Universities: Some of the recognized public universities
1.      Pennsylvania State University -University Park
2.      Michigan State University
3.      Boston University
4.      University of Texas, Tyler
5.      Ohio State University
Private Universities: Some of the recognized private universities
1.      Harvard University
2.      Stanford University
3.      New York University
4.      Yale University
There are other colleges that are well-accredited and can be a best option to choose from.

The Campus Recruitment
Right after you have completed your degree and curriculum, it’s time to get to the next level; professional arena. The colleges that are mentioned or other colleges of similar stature do welcome companies and offer better campus recruitment records.

There are MNCs; some of which have their headquarters in USA and others have their branches out there. Some of the companies who visit the college campuses are:
·         Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
·         Cognizant Technologies
·         Google Inc
·         Microsoft Inc and many more
If you are one of them who has opted for unconventional programs like Photography, wildlife science, then companies like Discovery Communications, Walt Disney are for you.

The Fee
 The fee structure will be decided according to the type of university you have opted for, i.e. public or private.

Last Words
Studying MBA in the States can be a lifetime experience as you will get a chance to be a part of a global program in a developed economy. The cosmopolitan city life, well-laid housing for students and a diverse student body comprising hundreds of students from different nationalities are the factors that can teach you lessons and groom you to be a successful manager later in your life.

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