How to make admission essay for studying abroad?

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Education sector is built upon different writing assignments. While students plan to study abroad essay is one of the major components of their application process. Sometimes essay becomes the most important part of the whole application irrespective of the GRE/GMAT/TOEFL scores. An admission essay can make or break one’s admission prospects. There have been instances of exceptionally talented students getting rejected from prestigious institutions just because they did not work hard on their essay. There have also been students who got into good colleges merely on the basis of a good admission essay. It is likely that the-otherwise intelligent students did not realize that the most important part of their college application is their admission essay.

A large number of career opportunities beckon students to all parts of the world these days. In order to get through the rigorous admission procedure they should work really hard. College admission essay is one such important write up which tests students’ capabilities. An admission essay must contain important information about the student. At the same time it should be written in a sensible manner. The content should not deviate from the subject matter and it should be subjective. The essay should not be written imitating someone else. It must contain both academic and personal information of the student, but it should not sound like flattery or boring stuff.  It can include a slight amount of humor, but it should not make fun of the student himself.
Let us have a look at some important tips to make a good admission essay.
1.Organize your thoughts: Before starting to write an essay anyone would have ideas buzzing in mind. It is better to jot down all the ideas on a piece of paper first and then decide which should go to the essay and which should go to the dust bin. This thought processing takes some time. The skills, major accomplishments, favorite books, movies, interests etc. of the student must be listed during this time of thought processing. The goals for future, why the particular student is interested in studying abroad and the events/people/incidents which influenced him or her must all be mentioned in the admission essay.

2. Pick a topic for the admission essay: An admission essay should not have things crammed into it, but it should have only the essential points strung together neatly. A student has to pick a topic for the essay which should draw from the candidate’s list of accomplishments, challenges faced by the candidate and interests of the applicant. The topic chosen for this essay should ably reveal the student’s personality in a positive manner and it should answer the question why the particular candidate wants to study abroad.

3. Write an awesome essay: Once the thoughts are nicely jotted down and a good topic is chosen for writing the essay, writing it down will naturally flow. Admission essays should be interesting and readable. Good language is necessary, but too many big words will not impress the readers. Grammar, vocabulary and the style of writing must be appealing. Those students who do not have great writing skills should seek help from a friend or mentor for writing and editing the essay.
Before starting the essay one should make a mental note of the points to be included in the essay. One can also talk about it to other people who can give concrete ideas on writing it. But asking too many people will have its own adverse effects on the admission essay. The essay should not only have the points, but it should have nicely written content too. It should include the ambitions of the student. A general essay will never be accepted as an admission essay. It must contain the personal and academic information of the student. Cliché, plagiarism, grammar and spelling mistakes will destroy the whole essence of the essay. If there are multiple errors the essay will take a new turn which will be befalling to the student. Since admission essay is the gate pass for an educational program it must be presented in a nice manner. In order for the essay to get nice value it should be free from all kinds of mistakes. It is the key to the dream of many students who aspire to study in reputed educational institutions abroad.
 This post was written by Barry Whittle under the Guest Post Section.


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