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This page will be about a head on comparison between two things which are quite similar but with minute differences and which generally confuses students and their decisions. And that's why the page name versus aka VS. 

It can be either two courses in two universities- example like Msc IC design in HKUST VS Msc Analog IC design in Imperial College.
It can be direct comparison between colleges-example like NTU vs KAIST  
It can be direct comparison between two level of courses- example Master of Engineering or Master of Science
OR anything Which are related to some way and people get confused which one to choose. The posts in this page will be published like a tabular column with things compared and explained in the two rows.

For example the comparison will be between two entities as shown below with each column focussing on an element. For example consider HKUST VS NTU. Entity A is HKUST and Entity B will be NTU. And element can be tuition fee, Research etc etc.
Element- This element is good here because..
Element- This element is not good here…..

I am starting this page since many students don't have time to read long blog posts and this will be useful for those students to directly compare and understand between two things similar and clear their confusion.

With this hope this page gets underway from today and I hope it will be a success!!!!! 


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