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In this page we will post articles which are being sent to us by guest posts. If you have graduated from any college/university you can share your experience, if you have spent your semester abroad then you can share that as well so that other can get an idea and get benefit from that experience  If you attended any visa interview or have faced any problems in any kinda procedure you can share that as well since it will make other students to avoid that problem (and here please don't be selfish and leave other students to suffer just because you had to suffer).
If you want to contribute to us then we would love you to have you on board. Just send your article attached to along with your photo (if possible) and Facebook link (we need this so that we can introduce you or even get your photo from here) and mention the subject  as GUEST Article and your name. For now we can't pay our guest writer since this site is at its inception and we expect guests to not expect any form of incentives since this is like a social work which we are doing so that students get benefited and they don't have to spend any penny by approaching other counselors. 

1) Mail your article attached to
2) If you don't have a Facebook account send us your details in any other way.
What benefit will you have-
1) If you contribute enough we will make few of you guys as moderators of our Facebook , twitter or Google plus page.
2)Blessings from students and maybe they will share their experience as well
{actually these may sound nothing at all but I know the value when someone mails me or pings me in Facebook or Google appreciating my article and telling a vote of thanks}

This way we can grow together since there are many aspects I can't just cover and I maybe wrong sometimes. Let's continue contributing together!!


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