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This is my second blog (the first being focused on my robotics) and the reason for starting this blog was well due to frustration, immense waste of time and money which I had to endure by applying to universities through consultancies rather than on my own and my heart which inspired me to start something which can be useful to young aspirants who are looking to study abroad with dreams and aspirations and help them in choosing the right path without wasting money for it. Incredibly I spent 40000+ INR money on my consultancy and the bad news, well i got rejected from almost all the universities to which i had applied through them.
              It was a wake up call for me and then after 1 year of research and data gathering through net and direct visits to education fairs, I realized that going to the consultancy was the worst idea ever and that  I could have done everything on my own. Next thing , I was applying on my own and voila I got offer from 90% of the universities.
             So, here I am starting this blog for students those who are interested in studying abroad and who in-spite of other's push , don't want to waste money through consultancy. I will tell you in each post and if possible in separate columns how to approach and apply to universities for specific countries , since i happened to be one of the few persons who had applied and considered more than 9+ universities in 8+ different countries including GERMANY,CANADA,SINGAPORE etc etc which are some of the hot destinations for study abroad and not so hot places like HONG KONG as well.
             Along with this blog posts about approach and admission process which will be completely free of charge I will also try to tell you the possibility of getting admission based on your profile and also the ways in which you can consider different programs and universities in and around the world and which might be the dream destination for you. With this note,I sign off from this post and hope i could be of some help to you rather than being a ghost!!!!!!!!


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