Russia: - One of the Cheapest Destinations for pursuing Studies

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Yes, you read it right. Russia is becoming day by day more and more international by introducing more number of Course completely taught in English. You can study courses right from Engineering to Economics, Medicine and Social Sciences with cheap tuition fees and in world renowned universities.

Typically for studying courses completely taught in English the Russian institution Charges around 2500USD to 5000USD per year. If you have decided to take course taught in Russian then not to worry, you will be given one year intensive Russian language preparatory course and then your courses will commence. The course fee taught entirely in Russian is charged around 2000USD to 4000USD and one year fee for Russian language preparatory course is around 4000USD.

Now you might think why I have given the topic as if Russia is one of the cheapest Destinations to pursue higher education?? Even though there are many universities in Europe which doesn’t charge tuition fee (list will be published in another blog post)   then why Russia is cheapest.

The reason is because the cost of living in Russia is quite cheap since the accommodation cost of staying in Russian hostels in around 500USD per “YEAR”!!!!! Stunned?? If you compare it with accommodation fees in other European countries it’s around 250-300 Euros per “MONTH”. Thus, you end up spending quite a less amount of bucks for your accommodation and food and totally you can complete your course within 15000USD inclusive of all charges within two years. Sounds good right?? Information on studying in St. Petersburg's leading education institutions can be found in the link below.

Application procedure for Russia will be covered in another blog post. Give your feedback on this post and what do you think about Russian higher studies.


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