Student Review studying Computer Engineering at Concordia Universtiy

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Vignesh is studying his masters in Computer Engineering at Concordia University. He started his masters in 2013 and is going to finish it this year. He already got a job as a full time employee at a reputed company in York and is already looking forward to pay back his education loan in the next two years.

This blog post is  just an interview where I discuss with him the basic questions every student has before embarking on his/her masters in Canada. I have split this video into 4 parts.

The first video the one above focused on generic questions about the finances and the chances of getting a permanent residence in Canada specially in Quebec (where Vignesh did his masters)

The second video focused on student life including day to day life , the job prospects post the masters and also the importance of french in Montreal and Quebec region.

The third video focused on admission requirements the difficulty in finding jobs after masters and the level of education and difficulty compared to India and what does the syllabus of a masters degree usually comprised of including projects and subjects.

The final video continued with finding a job and summed up the whole interview with a summary. I hope you guys find it useful.


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