embedded systems - a new course launch in tu chemnitz

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I am currently pursuing my masters in Automotive Software Engineering (ASE) from tu chemnitz. when i came here along with so many students who were about to start their masters in Micro and Nano Systems (MNS), Information and Communication Systems (ICS) , Print and media technology and ofcourse ASE, oddly few felt that the courses like MNS,ICS does not have much scope in India and they tried to switch to ASE. The reason being (according to their view point) ASE has an internship and has much better scope probably in India (which is kinda weird since even automotive industry is at its inception in India compared to communcation which is an established field). 

Nevertheless at the same time TU Chemnitz realized they had given admission to more than the students they can handle in each given group and mainly in MNS and ICS (in MNS around 70-80 students had got admission just from India). And looking at the number of students interested in ASE , they created a new study course . Or i should say this way. The course Embedded Systems was introduced which basically combined the lectures of ASE and ICS.

While ASE falls under the department of computer science and most lectures takes place in the old main building near "OMNIBUSBAHNHOFF/THEATERPLATZ", the Embedded System is a new course introduced which falls under the department Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EEIT) and the lectures takes place in both old main building and the central new buildings (auditoriums). 

This is due to the fact that they have to attend the lectures of both ASE and ICS. Thus, even though the course is new the lectures and professors are from two different branches and one should not think in a way that "its a new course and so will have less values". Also, the course has got a positive feedback and many students have now switched to this course.

You can get the course info on this page of TU Chemnitz. 

Hope it helps. I have many friend in Embedded Systems so if you have any questions related to this field , you can just post your questions in this blog or in facebook page and I will surely ping you back as soon as I can . Till then cheers and "Tschau"!!!!!


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