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Indian economy is in a perilous turmoil. With the US $ and other currency rate increasing day by day its getting difficult to for students to manage their finances. Students who were going to pay around 25 Laks tution fee (in Indian currency) have to pay around 8-10 Laks more now. And apart from that the living cost has increased as well. 

That’s a really bad situation now for those who are planning for summer/winter semester 2014 and after that. My friend who was given a loan of around 10 laks has to arrange for more money now since his tuition fee has increased around 4 laks in a span of 2 months.  So, is there any way to avoid this chaos or should we forget about studying abroad?

Here I am going to consider few aspects and also tell few countries where still the cost has not changed much.

1)Countries where still higher education is affordable

Even though USD,Euro,Swiss Frank,Pounds have increased exponentially, few currencies are yet to be affected by this Indian’s economy’s plummet. That includes Hong Kong,Korean won. But Korea is not that famous when it comes to higher education but Hong Kong has world renowned universities. 

In one of my previous posts I had shared about the higher education in hong kong , their ranking , application procedure and costs of education.

Thus, Hong Kong is still an affordable place and should be considered

2) Countries where there is no tuition fees charges

Yes there still exists countries where there is no tuition fee charged or the tuition fee charged is very less (less than 800$ or 500 Euros). Countries like Austria, Germany, Finland, Norway, and Belgium have institutes which charges nil tuition fees. Few universities in these countries charges tuition fees upto 500 Euros and few universities charges around 2000 Euros.

France has few universities which charges around 300 to 500 Euros as well. In one of my previous posts I had shared the change in French visa rules for Indians and how they are given 5 years of work visa (tourists visa to be precise) so that they can stay and work there after graduating.

And these countries have world class universities as well. Well worth to be considered

3) Russia – Russia is considered one of the best for medicine and engineering (after USA and Germany). 

The cost of Masters in Russia is cheap and affordable and the Russian rubble is yet to elevate much with respect to Indian Rupees. One of the post on Russia which covered the cost and universities is already posted

I have mentioned around six countries in this posts which can still keep your study abroad dreams alive. Let you dream come true. All the best!!


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